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The Brand Strategy

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It is not often that big names in the industry change what they have stood for but then again it is also a sign of not moving ahead with time. GREE has grown into an international home appliances enterprise in the past 20 years since its inception. GREE has always stood for advancing with the times and always infusing new concepts to the brand thereby maintaining that fresh vitality as never before. In fact, GREE has renewed and upgraded on the brand concepts 5 times.

  • Brand 1.0: Turbo Cooling (1991)

GREE used superior product quality, turbo cooling characteristics and was favored by the domestic consumers. The slogan that was put forward was “GREE Creates Much Sales Chance”

  • Brand 2.0: Quality Takes Priority (1998)

GREE was focused purely on building an image of quality and reliability and hence went under the slogan “Making Better Air Conditioners”. This allowed GREE to successfully built a high quality brand image.

  • Brand 3.0: Leading in Science and Technology (2010)

The independent technological innovations that GREE brought out helped improve their performance and aesthetic features considerably. Its superior products leaped ahead of its competitors in the international home appliances enterprise under the slogan “GREE, the Master of Core Technologies”

  • Brand 4.0: Undertake Responsibility (2012)

Once GREE AC became a household name and the envy of its competitors, it looked to strengthen its social responsibility and worked towards protecting global environment and promoting comfortable living space. The slogan it adopted was “For the Clearer Sky and Greener Earth”.

  • Brand 5.0: Serve the World

GREE Air conditioners decided to rebuild the image of “Made in India” from its flimsy state as it was known to the deliverance of excellence. The slogan “Made in China, Loved by the World” would become synonym with superior product quality and high –end technology.

The World’s Best AC manufacturers have now made their way to GOD’s own country to don the title of Best conditioner in Kerala.

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